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Money/Earning Ghana English
2018-11-20 04:54:33
About CrowdFundIt

Most people in Ghana report that their kickstarter and GoFundMe fundraisers for various projects are not successful. Well this is because most Ghanaians do not know they can raise funds online or support projects through small donations. It is also because there is no easy way for people to contribute as most people in Ghana do not use credit cards and paypal. 

We therefore decided to launch a localized "GoFundMe" style platform for projects in Ghana to be able to raise funds called CrowdFundIt ( The platform supports contribution by manual payment, mobile money and cryptocurrency. Sign-up and project submission is free.

Submit your projects, tell your friends and we will help you rally funds for it. To drive traffic to the platform, we have an affiliate system and reward scheme for new sign ups. Sign up today. First raffle draw will occur on 23rd November 2018.
crowdfunding project financing self-help support raffle money help donation gofundme
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