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English in Family
Education/School South Korea English
2018-05-16 03:05:14

1-Do not disturb the women of this group in private with nudes or insistence on dating. Better ask first in the group if she agrees to talk to you in private and if she accepts, be respectful, do not send nudes or any pornographic content.

obs: I know 99.99% They will block you if you ask them things like that. 

2-We do not tolerate a lack of respect, hostility, racial prejudice or any other kind. You can talk about religion as long as I respect the point of view of others, their culture, their beliefs or atheism. 

3-Avoid being indifferent or rude to other participants. Always try to be considerate and friendly so that together we can build a pleasant place to live in full harmony. 

4-Let's avoid asking native speakers to teach us english because they are not obliged to do so and are not here to do this. 
Learning the english language is on its own and this space is the means by which we will practice what we learn. If anyone can and wants to help us with english or....
Education friendship culture
Opps. Group Link Revoked...
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